With H (Part 2)

So this time, thankfully, there was no girlfriend in the pic. After avoiding H for nearly a year, I bumped into him at a party. I sought him out a couple of times and gave him a heads up that I was interested in him. After-party (my friend and I) was at their (H and his brother’s) friend place. Thankfully, I didn’t drink much, but chain-smoked the night away. While others sat in the kitchen, H lay on the sofa in the living room with his head in my lap. I stroked it and we chit-chatted. It was stupid. I knew where that would lead us. Only, I didn’t imagine it would really happen – that night itself!

Later, we found ourselves in the balcony in the bedroom, standing alarmingly close to each other. The alarm didn’t help though, because he hushed down my feeble protests by locking the bedroom door.


With W (Part 7)

W broke up with me over the phone after a week of acting all aloof, stating that he did not want to take the relationship further to protect me from getting hurt. I didn’t know where it was coming from, and what it meant. Honestly.

And then, the following week, after a year or so of avoiding him, I bumped into H at a party!


With W (Part 6)

So yes, we’re all back from the big trip. W conveniently reached a day and a night before the rest of the gang did! We spent the day holding hands and walking on the beach. Then came the night, and well, what do I say. Since moral defences were up anyway, we trudged a little more onto the other side. He sulked and eventually got me to take my top off and pulled down half my bra. I had only read about nipples being erogenous zones on a woman’s body. I can now testify to the fact!

And erm, his fingers reached under my pants as we discussed fapping. I tried to be cryptic in my answers about how often I do it. But whom was I kidding! I tried to fap myself, but it didn’t work, cuz I was probably to nervous. He guided my hand under his pants for fapping and I went all “aaaaaaaaaa” in my head. Talk about first times! And erm, he soon guided
the hand under his undies, if you know what I mean. I went all WTF in my head. WTF was I doing? As a pathetic end to the story, my arm started to hurt like hell in two minutes, and I couldn’t continue. A flaccid penis, I found out, isn’t too long. I could hold one in my hand with ease. Amid short gasps for air, we totally dry-humped each other. And then, well, I didn’t even realise when we just fell asleep. Oh, and I really must stop being so
ticklish; I’ll just end up hurting one of us otherwise.

He had to leave for official work next morning, and after stealing a few quickie smoochies, he left. Just like you see a couple in films. We woke up, didn’t get outta the bed or brush, and got on with smooching again. What a night!

And fuck my luck, I got my periods that morning.